Return to the Planet | 星に帰り A Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary Zine

Return to the Planet: A FFVII 25th Anniversary Zine is a free digital zine, created in 2021-2022 in honour of the 25th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII's release. We invited artists, fanfiction writers and nonfiction writers to contribute to this 8-month long collaborative project. This zine celebrates the incredible impact that Final Fantasy VII has had upon the world — and upon our lives.

As of January 31, 2022, we are excited to announce that the zine is available for download! Please check it out below.

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What's in the Zine?

Return to the Planet is a curated anthology of art, fanfiction and nonfiction about the original Final Fantasy VII. No compilation content is included. The zine aims to celebrate the spirit of the original game, which has many different tones and topics. Accordingly, this is a gen-focused zine that should be appropriate for teen-and-up audiences. Sensitive topics covered include: violence, death, mental illness, medical trauma, grief, and climate change.

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If you've enjoyed this project, please consider donating to the Rainforest Foundation US to help protect our Planet. Those who donate at least $1 USD will also recieve access to our digital merch bundle. This bundle includes an augmented reality postcard, print-at-home stickers, a custom FFVII font, phone and desktop backgrounds, colouring pages, and a quiz that tells you your Jenova infection level!

You can also leave a comment for our talented and hard-working contributors about your thoughts on the zine!

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About our Contributors



Director / Nonfiction Writer / Artist

Bel. In love with the Lifestream. Director of Return to the Planet and longtime FFVII meta writer.

Tumblr: cryoftheplanet
AO3: belderiver


Director / Fanfiction Writer

Hi, I'm Rose! Co-director of Return to the Planet, fanfic writer, new to FFVII but a lover of OG. FFVII was the only thing that got me through quarantine in one piece, and words truly cannot express how much I love this game and how dear it is to me.

Twitter: liresides
Tumblr: rosemochi
AO3: lireside


Production Lead / Artist

“Tofu is a very talented cryptid weaned on FFVII juice.” — Bel

Tumblr: tofuthebold


Graphics / Fanfiction Writer

Long time writer and Final Fantasy VII fan. Classic Sephiroth fangirl. Obnoxious OG purist on main. I'm excited to be part of this project and hope you enjoy it!

Tumblr: la-regina-scrive
AO3: la-regina-scrive


Nonfiction / Merch Mod

I'm darthplagal, a non-fiction coordinator, and my introduction to RPGs came via a rented copy of Final Fantasy IV when I was eight. FFVII came out the year I turned 12, and I got to know it through its legendary OST before actually sitting down and playing it for myself when I was 30. "Earning" One-Winged Angel in its original context was a special moment on par with actually finishing the game.

Tumblr: darthplagal


Communications Mod

Subdee, fanwriter, new to FF7 but old to fandom. I'm the communications mod and also an organizer for the Hunter x Hunter Big Bang. You can find my more recent work in Bulletproof Heart: A Barret Zine and Milestones: A Killugon Zine. Final Fantasy VII (1997), with its strong pro-environmental themes and anti-corporate, anti-capitalist message, becomes more relevant every year; I played the original game for the first time last July and fell for it immediately.

Tumblr: subdee
Twitter: subdee
AO3: sub_divided


Fanfiction Mod / Fanfiction Writer

I'm Squid. I write things and sometimes people decide to read them. Mostly I just yell and I have become very good at it. Consistently correct opinions. Cloud Strife eats the wax off cheese wheels.

Tumblr: nautilusopus
AO3: nautilusopus


Beta Reader / Fanfiction Writer

First played Final Fantasy VII not long after its release, and despite everything since, she's still Aeris to me.

Tumblr: cateringisalie
AO3: sanctum_c

Denebola Leo

Beta Reader / Fanfiction Writer

I'm a fanfiction writer who mostly focuses on my favorite game, Final Fantasy 7. Lover of curry.

AO3: Denebola_Leo


Beta Reader / Nonfiction Writer

I'm Mo (or materiodic), I've been a fan of Final Fantasy since I was a wee child, and FFVII was one of the first I fell in love with. I sometimes dabble in making fanart, fics, graphics, and meta posts. Looking forward to seeing everyone’s contributions!

Tumblr: themateriodictable


Crimson Sun


FFVII has been an important part of my life for almost two decades and I'm always happy to pay tribute to it!

Twitter: CrimblySun
Tumblr: crimson-sun

Harry Mackin

Nonfiction Writer

Harry Mackin is a writer from Minneapolis. He would very much like to join AVALANCHE. If the FBI reads this zine, that's a joke.

Twitter: Shiitakeharry



Turk obsessed since 1997. Hi I'm Mae! I love drawing character art, drinking coffee and burning unhealthy amounts of incense.

Twitter: Maegraeth
Tumblr: Maegraeth



Yinza is a queer artist who has had an abiding love of FF7 since its release, even if they couldn't get past the Materia Keeper as a 10-year-old.

Tumblr: Yinza
AO3: Yinza
Pillowfort: Yinza

Nonfiction Writers

Kathryn Hemmann

Kathryn Hemmann is a writer, translator, and comic artist who lives at the center of a maze of bookshelves in Philadelphia. Their work explores modern ruins, hidden mysteries, and the green and growing natural world.

Twitter: kathrynthehuman
Instagram: kathrynthehuman
AO3: rynling


Hi, I’m Mary! I’ve been a fan of this game and Aerith in particular since it came out, in fact it’s probably the whole reason I’m in fandom at all. FFVII is very close to my heart and is probably one of the biggest contributors to my worldview as I was growing up, it’s no surprise that some of my most cherished relationships have been made through it.

Twitter: telluric_cry
Tumblr: spectroscopes
AO3: perihadion

Mr. Itchy Wrath

I've been a fan of FFVII since 1997. I have an MFA in creative nonfiction and I run a small youtube channel.

YouTube: Mr. Itchy Wrath
Twitter: WrathItchy


Youtuber focusing on the interplay of Japanese visual media and history, class struggle and of course, swords.

YouTube: studyofswords
Twitter: study_of_swords


Hi! I'm WIISH. I like weird fiction, surrealism, abstract concepts and Lovecraftian horror. I'm autistic, and use my differing view of the world to offer a unique perspective on media I enjoy. I can't sleep because I can't stop thinking about art.

Twitter: makosinnergy
Tumblr: makosinnergy
AO3: makosinnergy

Fanfiction Writers


Ardwynna has been writing for FFVII since the early days, and credits the game for inspiring some of the greatest adventures of her life. An avid gardener, traveler, cook, cosplayer & doctor, she lives in a cottage with her equally fannish spouse and their pack of rescued canines.

Twitter: Ardwynna
Tumblr: Ardwynna
AO3: Ardwynna


This is a Cid Highwind lovebot. Has no respect before high tea and loves space.

Twitter: birdsandivory
Tumblr: birdsandivory
AO3: birdsandivory


Hi, I’m BouncyMouse! Huge fan of Final Fantasy and a die-hard Turks fan. The OG FFVII will always hold a special place in my heart and I can’t wait to get my teeth into this project!

Twitter: BouncyMouse
AO3: BouncyMouse


I'm cyborg - reader, writer & poet, tea drinker, Final Fantasy enthusiast. Ardent believer in the power of love. They/Them pronouns.

Twitter: cyborgthepoet
AO3: darlathecyborgpluviophile


Greenjudy discovered FFVII in 1997 and it has remained her favorite video game of all time. A writer and editor by trade, she has been creating FFVII fanfic since 2010. Her favorite song on the OG soundtrack is "Anxiety." Favorite FFVII place: the dark heart of Midgar.

Tumblr: greenjudy
AO3: greenjudy


Cor has fond memories of playing the OG FFVII on PlayStation with her brother. It is the game that sparked her love for the Final Fantasy series, which she carries with her to this day. Her favorites include: Cloud, Tifa, and the Turks.

Twitter: HardNoctLife
Tumblr: HardNoctLife
AO3: HardNoctLife


Aerith enthusiast. Like many people, FFVII has been a light during low points in life, so giving back in this way is a huge honor! In my spare time, I enjoy juggling materia orbs.

Twitter: _lunardrop
AO3: Lunardrop


When not playing video games or screaming at spreadsheets, the elusive runicmagitek is found swooning over lovely fictional ladies that kick butt and writing the stories that canon refuses to acknowledge. FFVII is to blame for the origin of both.

Tumblr: runicmagitek
AO3: runicmagitek



ash. semi-online shitposter discovered in the wild and somehow deemed worthy enough to participate. played ff7 at the beginning of 2021 and loved it. still in the process of developing opinions on the thing, gamboling around like a newborn giraffe, etc. draws sometimes.

Twitter: burgleturt
Tumblr: shinjikari

Bird Black

Artist & freelance illustrator, summoner of nothing in particular.

Twitter: BirdBlackSocial
Tumblr: birdblacksocialclub


Me? Gongaga.

Twitter: tetrabriku


A horror focused artist and writer driven to convey complex emotions and atmosphere.

Tumblr: https://the--calamity


I'm an hobby artist from Spain. I played FFVII back in '99 and since then I couldn't stop think about it and its characters! I was alone in my love for this game back then but now with remake It feels like I have a second chance to enjoy it!! It feels like to be in my teens again.

Twitter: deviart803
Tumblr: deviart803
AO3: Deviusu

Drew Wise

A R T I S T ! ❤️

Twitter: dreweyes
Instagram: dreweyes

Doc Hollibee

Howdy, its Doc, your favourite sharpshooting Scotsman! I've loved ff7 since I was only just out of diapers, and I'm so happy to return back to the original game designs that i grew up with! I cant wait to create art for you all and show you my perspective of 1997 classic game.

Twitter: NarcisseArt
Tumblr: NarcisseArt


Artist, former cheesemonger, Sephiroth apologist. Owns 3 cats and has a wife. OG FF7 fan since 2000.

Tumblr: pissyeti
Twitter: pissyeti
Instagram: Gainstrive


I'm a tea addict and I love anything fantasy related ! FF7 is the title that introduced me to the series, it's an honor to be able to contribute to this celebration project !

Twitter: Haelyonn
Instagram: Haelyonn


Hi I'm Jialu!! I'm a nonbinary illustrator and I'm super excited to be apart of this project!! FFVII is one of my favorite games of all times, I currently replaying it and excited to revisit my favorites characters again!!

Twitter: jialudraws


Kaley is an illustrator from Minnesota that loves anything dragon-related. She played FFVII in college and loves the message and aesthetic of the OG.

Twitter: kaiju_dragon
Tumblr: kaiju_dragon


Hi, I'm Katha, a game design student from Germany! I love playing video games and drawing!

Twitter: Keypy0n
Instagram: keypyon


This is my first time being part of a zine, and I'm so excited to have the chance to contribute some pixel art for one of my favorite games ever!!

Twitter: kleptoyade
Tumblr: kleptoyade


Greetings, Lenn here !
I'm a freelance illustrator based in France who has a soft spot for JRPGs, nature and gothic artworks. Final Fantasy VII always had a very special place in my heart, and being able to celebrate its 25th anniversary as a contributor in this zine is an honour !

Twitter: hibikivoid
Tumblr: echov0id
Instagram: echov0id


My name's Emily and I've been doodling ever since I can remember! The original FF7 captivated me like no other game when I first experienced it, and it has served as a major source of inspiration for my creative fun ~ ✨

Tumblr: sune-art

Li Kovacs

Hi I'm Li. I'm an artist from the Pacific Northwest and love drawing landscapes and backgrounds and giving my art an animated film look. I'm very excited to be apart of this zine since Final Fantasy VII is one of my favorite FF games!

Twitter: LiKovacs
Instagram: likovacsart

Lilly White

I'm a French who has been writing forever and drawing "seriously" since about 14 years old when I decided I wanted to get better at drawing Sephiroth's face. Lover of stinky cheese, pianist, general scatter-brain who enjoys getting into way too many projects at the same time.

Twitter: lushfondue
Tumblr: lilly-white

Linden Walker

An Illustrator from Massachusetts who loves chickens and video games.

linkt.ree: lindenwalkerstudios


I'm a graphic artist and illustrator in video games who has adored FF7 most of my life! I'm a sucker for the vast worlds and characters in fantasy and jrpgs. I'm very happy to celebrate this game with everyone, thank you for having me!

Twitter: sharamaestache
Tumblr: maesquirrel


i'm an interdisciplinary artist and my job mostly involves inhaling a lot of sawdust. i also like to draw. i really love stories with complex narratives, well rounded casts, and shapes that look like they would crunch if you put them in your mouth, so FF7 was pretty much just bait.

Twitter: voidsumbrella
Tumblr: sleepininabox


Hi! I'm misakuh, I'm a freelance artist who adores FF7 and loves videogames.

Twitter: Misakuh
Pixiv: Misakuh


hi!! i am nabila and i am an artist and i love cloud strife <3

Twitter: nabbbal_
Tumblr: nabbbal
Instagram: nabbbal


Hi! I'm Nayu, I love making fun and bright art that makes people happy and excited about things I like as much as I do!

Twitter: nayuQUITA
Instagram: nayuquitart


Hi there! I'm Reb, a big fan of FFVII, specially of the original game. I live in Spain and I love drawing, writing and playing videogames. FFVII was my inspiration to start to draw when I was 10 and I'm so honored to participate in this fantastic zine.

Twitter: rebartasy


I'm an artist from East Tennessee who has a passion for FF7 and D&D.

Tumblr: patricsartblog
Instagram: patric_with_no_k
Facebook: sketchbooking.patricwithnok


2D-3D Animator for videogames, also author of self-published comic books. Defeated Safer Sephiroth with a Choco-Mog invocation at age 12.

Twitter: Maryon_B
Instagram: polymarion


Artist as a hobby, cried 4 separate times I watched Zack's death scene in Crisis Core.

Twitter: ppurifieed
Tumblr: ppurificated

Evan Clarke

General RPG fan and lover of all things Final Fantasy. Has been known to draw comics and design merch. Lives in Ireland with their partner and an unholy gremlin in the shape of a cat.

Tumblr: clarkeyart
Instagram: princeclarkey
Pillowfort: princeclarkey


I'm a tiny gremlin who likes to draw and play alarming amounts of Final Fantasy!

Twitter: SkirtzzzArt
Instagram: skirtzzz_art

Steph Blakey

Steph Blakey is a storyboard supervisor and papercut artist. She played FFVII when it originally came out and is a champion of the snowboarding minigame. Her favourite summon is Knights of the Round because it takes forever. One day she'll play the remake...

Twitter: manifestephanie

Tar Dawn

YO! i'm a 21 yr old artist + animator! i love using bright colours to fry your eyeballs. i'm super excited to be here and create art (:< 🤙💛

Twitter: tardonkieart
Instagram: tardonkieart


I've drawn Hojo so many times and I'm ready to backslide

Twitter: vaatil


Hi! I'm Lauren, I'm a 32yo designer who loves to illustrate and cosplay in my spare time. Aerith has held a special place in my heart for years and I credit KH with introducing me to the original FFVII. Let's mosey!

Twitter: VintageAerith
Instagram: VintageAerith
AO3: VintageAerith


Hello! I'm Zack! The original FF7 is an especially important piece of media to me, and I'm honored to be a part of such a great project. My favorite character is Cloud, but I'm a fan of the entire cast.

Twitter: ungarzack
Tumblr: ungarmax

Return to the Planet is an unofficial fan project that is not affiliated with Square-Enix.